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    About us

NoSound Gaming was established in 2008.

We host online fighting game tournaments, we offer prizes such as steam games and money for each tournament, joining up is free.

we are currently focusing on the Street fighter series and SkullGirls, but we are always on the lookout for new possibilities, we are considering to host Killer Instinct tournaments and Tekken7 tournaments.

If you think we should host a tournament for a game you love you can ask for that in our steam discussion page.

we have hosted tournaments to games like Hearthstone, King of fighters 13, starcraft2 and many more.

we also have few servers for the community to enjoy ^^! we are also planning to set up more servers for multiple games we will keep you guys posted about any new servers we host!

Hop in to the action and compete for prizes!

NoSound Gaming servers:
KillingFloor2: port:7707
IRC: #nosoundgaming @ quakenet

Cutsman – tournament admin, community manager
Nulleeet – website moderator, server admin
TuoppiR – Teamspeak3 admin, KillingFloor2 server admin