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1st GGHalibel
2nd NSG Yonzai
3rd MDZ_jimmY
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    USF4 September Cup 2015
    Posted on September 21st, 2015  by Cutsman - No Comments

    We had a fantastic tournament on sunday! lots of new people in the tournament and everyone seemed to enjoy the games!
    We did have some problems with steam servers but luckily things went smoothly in the end. GGhalibel ended up winning the tournament without any losses taking the copy of SFV for steam, Yonzai only lost against halibel in the winners bracket but fought hes way to the grandfinals to face halibel once more, halibel showed that he is the champ today and won 3-0, yonzai got the 2nd prize of 25€, MDZ_jimmY fought with yonzai in the losers finals and after a close fight placed 3rd in the tournament taking 10€ paypal cash.

    Big thanks for HighFive and GGHalibel for the commentary on the stream and of course to all the viewers who watched the games! :)

    here are the tournament results:


    here is few words from the top players:


    “Tournament was quite fun. GG to all my opponents and really big thanks to you cutsman for providing such awesome opportunities to compete in tournaments like these.
    A lot of players cant travel and its really great that they can have that tournament vibe as well from their home.
    You have my respect not only for that, but also for providing everything from your own Pocket. Love you :D”


    “I think the tournaments are improving all the time, in my opinion in this NSG tournament the competition was the hardest so far and the tournament was organized well.
    Everything went smoothly and i was glad to see lots of viewers in the stream!”


    “with halibel joining the tournament, I thought it’s gonna be tough to win :D
    other than that, I knew the competition is gonna be really tough in general
    some new german forces are rising (makotogatari and guggemamol)
    then we have ricky,yosh,angeluso and yonzai (just to name a few) that I knew about
    so the competition was really stacked this time around
    what I really liked was how smooth the tournament went
    no long waiting times, because of the already scheduled stream matches beforehand
    literally no other tournament I participated in ever did that and it was great,
    maybe there could have been some losers bracket matches on the stream as well”

    see you guys at the next one!

    SkullGirls September Cup
    Posted on September 6th, 2015  by Cutsman - No Comments

    Yesterday we had the SG September cup and we were very happy to see so many people on twitch and that almost everyone who signed up for the tournament showed up on time ^^!

    The top 3 players were:

    1st: Woofly – 50€
    2nd: MrPeck – 25€
    3rd: Zeknife – 5€

    here you can see all the ->Results<-

    Woofly’s comment about the tournament:
    “The EU SG community are constantly getting better and better! It is a shame a few people couldn’t enter as I am sure that would have changed the results drastically. None the less congratulations to OG players Mr Peck and Zeknife on 2nd and 3rd! Skullgirls dinosaurs keep going!”

    congratulations for the winners! and thanks for all the participants! and thanks for the whole community once again for watching the tournament and participating! see you in the next one!

    USF4 Season 1 league stats
    Posted on August 30th, 2015  by Cutsman - No Comments

    We apologize for the long delay for posting these results!

    we had lots of stuff to handle like moving to the new website and so on but anyways here are the results, congratulations for the winners! and thanks for all the participants!

    1st 100€ Paypal cash
    2nd 35€ Paypal cash + Deathtrap (steam)
    3rd XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack (steam)
    Summer Break is over!
    Posted on August 26th, 2015  by Cutsman - No Comments

    Okay guys and gals! summer break is over! time to host some tournaments!

    we will be announcing a lot of upcoming tournaments later this week! you can expect at least USF4 and SG tournaments!

    Summer break
    Posted on July 17th, 2015  by Cutsman - 2 Comments

    We will be taking a 5 week summer break!

    after i come back from my summer vacation i will start hosting a lot of tournaments for USF4, SG and maybe KoF13.

    next tournament we host is ready for signup –> SkullGirls September Cup


    see you guys after the summer!!!

    New website launched!
    Posted on July 5th, 2015  by Cutsman - 2 Comments

    Hello everyone! we have launched our new website!

    this website is completely new website, if you had account on our old website that account has been deleted.
    we have made a lot of changes on how the website, tournaments and community will work now.

    the website does not have forums, we will be using steam steam group discussion page as forums, you can also hop in to our irc channel anytime to chat with us, you can find the chat room at the top navigation bar :)
    We will be using challonge on our all future tournaments.

    you can subscribe to our newsletter or make an account and enable “receive news letters” box from your profile settings to keep yourself updated about our events!

    leave a comment if you think there is something to add or change to make the website better in your opinnion :)
    we will keep you guys posted about updates and upcoming events!