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1st 3xTerror
2nd MDZ_jimmY
3rd NWA54
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October tournament
Posted on October 3rd, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

The tournament ran smoothly! thanks for all the participants and all the viewers in the stream ^^!


1st: 3xTerror
2nd: MDZ_jimmY
3rd: NWA54

special thanks to MDZ_jimmY for streaming the tournament and also to highfive and couchfighter for helping me arrange this tournament :)

next tournament is ready for sign up! see you guys there ;)

Upcoming events

October Tournament
Posted on September 15th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

Summer break is now over! i hope you all had great summer ^^

time to host some tournaments!

here is the first one: October Tournament

see you guys at the tournament!

if you have any questions you can reach us from these places:


RVA SFV Online vol. 3
Posted on July 30th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

Our friends at Roihuvuori arcade is hosting an online tournament at 4.8.2016 here is a link with further info about the tournament RVA SFV Online vol.3 join up if you are interested in having tough matches :D !

Summer Tournament Series [EU]
Posted on May 24th, 2016  by Cutsman - 2 Comments

We will be hosting three summer tournaments!
the dates for these tournaments are 5.6.2016, 19.6.2016 and 26.6.2016

the first two tournaments do not have cash prizes but will give you a guaranteed spot on the last tournament which will have 100€ prize pool with good seeding if that is possible.
The two first tournaments also might have small additional prizes like games or game codes for steam etc.

The third tournament will have a player cap of 32 players while the first tournaments are not limited in any way.

see you guys at the tournaments and if you have any questions feel free to pop up on the chat room at this web page or visit our steam forums which you can find on the top of this web page in a tab called community, good luck everyone !

–> Tournament Sign up <--

May tournaments cancelled
Posted on May 18th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

We will not set up any tournaments this month because i am going trough some medical problems and i want to recover without any stress about the tournaments.
We will host 3 tournaments next month and the dates will be announced soon!

sorry for the inconvenience and see you guys next week!

SFV Opening Tournament 3 results
Posted on May 3rd, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

SFV Opening Tournament 3 is now over, this tournament series was a lot of fun and all the matches were exciting!

thanks for all the participants and the community for the great support!

You can see the results ->here<-


we asked Fitizen how he felt about the tournament and here is what he replied:

“Going into the Tournament, I was definitely nervous.
The unfinished Bracket showed Beni as my first opponent, one of the highest ranked Cammy players in the leaderboards, the winner of the last tournament and in my opinion a bad matchup for Claw.

My first two matches were uneventful, I was mostly in control during them but I’ll be honest in that I don’t recall the details of them anymore.
Then, I met Beni in the third Match.
I tried to play very defensively at first, hoping that he’d whiff dives that I could punish but he proved to be more patient than that.
Throughout the entire tournament, I was able to abuse the lack of Vega knowledge people have and his high walk speed to dance in and out of throw ranges to bait them into teching.
Because of this, I consider Vega to have a very strong Shimmy game, since even a failed attempt “only” puts me at -2, removes my claw which is beneficial for the ensuing game up close and deals considerable damage as it starts off st.hp.
That also happened in this match, since I was able to bully him into not pressing buttons up close and then go to
work with the throw/shimmy mix up, or delay my st.hp a lot to catch buttons.
During the first match I feel I was still mostly in control but he changed his pace up which led to it being a much sloppier game.
Drops happened on both sides and in the end I lost by dropping my super on what would have been confirmed combo.
In the end, I was able to control the third match and win the set.

My next opponent was MDZ_Jimmy, he’s someone I know very well, met at various tournaments and consider a friend.
As people that follow his stream will know, he’s a rather aggressive Ryu and that’s the sort of Ryu I’m a lot more comfortable with.
I wasn’t particularly nervous before this game due to us having played quite a few times and he hadn’t manage to come out on top yet.
We’ve talked about our matches before and he said himself that he lacks match up knowledge,  that coupled with those past wins made me very confident, although I definitely took him seriously.
There’s not too much to say about this game overall, I was able to play the game I wanted to play for the most part, although a very explosive change of pace overwhelmed me at one point and almost netted him the stun and win of one game.

I’m looking forward to playing sets with him and seeing his adaptations once he improves bit by bit in the match up!

Winners finals. King Black Toof. Rashid.
What should I say, no one knows this match up because the character is very underplayed and it’s even harder to find serious tournament players who play him.
For good reason one should say, he’s currently universally accepted to be not that strong, some call him “gimmicky” or “random” but I don’t agree at all with the second part, I feel his skill ceiling is high.
He lacks good confirms and footsies, his pressure can be very hard to deal with though and is almost more akin to games like Guilty Gear than SF (Shoutouts to MDZ_Reza for that one) in him forcing you to block to set up mix ups, him having to confirm stray hits into damage on reaction and also him being able to run instead of dashing.
The match itself played out not as I expected – I pretty much bodied him.
I didn’t have to play the dreaded match up as I was able to rush him down and take the game into my own hands.
A combination of shimmys and throws made him eager to go into the air, which lead to high damage combos through‘s and V-Trigger’s.

Suddenly I was in Grand finals, where I expected to either play KBT or Beni again, obviously be hoping for KBT after what happened just now.
And I got what I wished for.
I haven’t looked at the replays but I feel he was a lot more defensive and patient this time around, which led to the matches being more drawn out, so he was able to abuse my lack of knowledge more and forced me into a much more predictable game plan.
I desperately tried to adapt to certain habits but I wasn’t able to do it consistently, that coupled with his pressure I knew little about and my own bad habits consistently punishing me (don’t dash every time after a neutral jump that’s out of range!), he defeated me 1-3 and reset the brackets.

I gathered myself, vowed to play more reactively but rush him down mercilessly when I had the chance to do so while not listening to my own muscle memory.
Since I’m the one writing this comment right now, you already know it worked – and it worked well!
I managed to win the second set 3-0, although in a less dominating fashion than the match in Winners Finals.
By now we’ve played two sets against each other and knew a lot more about the other player, I kept my bad habits in check and punished his attempts to abuse them –
– Whiff punishing his st.hp after neutral jump trying to catch my dash,
– Him jumping out of strings instead of subjecting himself to the shimmy/throw mix up I’m so fond of
just to name two.

Since he wasn’t able to get his game started, it was only natural I won since Vega has superior footsies.

I’m really happy I managed to win and put Vega on the map as a well designed character that doesn’t get enough love.
As a former Makoto main, I never would’ve thought that my main would be someone that was a very footsie heavy character in SFIV but he changed a lot and I feel his tool set heavily favors an offensive play style in this game.
Of course I’d also like to thank NSG for organizing these tournaments and I’d also like to encourage as many people as possible to participate, these tournaments are a great experience and losing early doesn’t cheapen it, as gaining experience is one of the most important things to become a good tournament player.

Good games to everyone I’ve played and I’m looking forward to see your adaption the next time we play!”

We thank GGHalibel for streaming the tournament! See you guys in the next tournament!
SFV Opening Tournament 2 results & SFVOT3 Announcement!
Posted on April 15th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

SFV Opening Tournament 2 went well and smoothly, it was a small but fun tournament ^^, even i decided to join up :D… went 1-2 out but had lots of fun^^.

Beni_Best streamed the tournament for us which was great! :)

we asked Beni_Best what he thought about the tournament and heres what he said:

” I was very scared to lose against Mika, because when she starts her 50/50 I don’t really know what to do.
There was also a very strong F.A.N.G player, but I think this is the only matchup Cammy > F.A.N.G. And in the end I met a Cammy player,
he played really well, but I found out that he is always playing aggressively and doing some mistakes so I decided to play a defensive game
and I punished his mistakes.

I am very happy that I was able to win this tournament.
It is a very good practice for me because I wanna get to some offline tournaments like EVO, Stunfest etc.!
Hope to participate in more tournaments like that!! 

thanks for all the players that joined on such sort notice !

Our next tournament will be hosted on 1.5.2016 you can find the sign up page at our events page, there will be a cash prize i am currently not sure how much i can afford to put as a prize but i will know soon after i get my next salary, also you can donate cash with paypal if you wish, all donations goes towards the prize pots, theres image link at the top of this page on the slide show. GGHalibel promised to stream this event for us –> GGHalibels Twitch

see you guys at the tournament !

SFV Opening tournament
Posted on April 11th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

We had a great tournament on sunday, there was lots of players in the tournament and all of them showed that they have a fight in them! the tournament was won by KingBlackToof, we asked KBT about the competition and heres what he had to say

“Entering the tournament I hardly expected to win it. I’ve been having a hard time recently. I got a reprieve from Round 1 and was placed into the 2nd Round.

My first opponent was Bobbis. His Cammy caught me offguard on the initial round, dominating me with aggressive Air Cannon Strikes (correct name?). I usually play Cobelcog so chose to go defensive with footsies at first but opted to advance more aggressively, which really suits Rashids play style in my opinion, and that worked out well until I had won.

Afterwards I fought Rva Jamo’s Nash. Unfortunatly he never got his offence going and the hit and run style never worked out for him.

My 3rd fight against Jerres was quite a nerve-racking one, I’ve always had an issue with FANG because It’s a struggle to go over his poison wall. Rashid can Eagle spike him but not after it’s up so you have to guess on that. I lost that one very convincingly; Jerres opting to use a very unique rush down style with poison-ball > Dash infront/behind mixups to great effectiveness. I being overly aggressive with jumping in, struggling to keep him pressured. Down to losers!

Down in losers I was faced with MipsuLii and his R.Mika, I managed to beat him but made a Major drop Game 2 that gave that up. I put it down to nerves (After getting beat by Jerres and progressing to about halfway my nerves began to show and would only be set to elevate.)

Angeluso and his Birdie, I hate fighting these types of matches, always since Gouken in SF4. I’m ‘supposed’to win but a few wrong moves and you’re splatted across the stage. His Birdie was very patient, not overly eager to press buttons I managed to push him back to the corner quite easily, eagle spiking chains and VSkill cans on reaction.
MAJOR DROP in round 2! I struggled to find my footing with my CA for the chip win and lost the game. I’m kicking myself for that one!
after that my nerves rose and I became I alot more aware of his EX Bullhorns It was a very close game and I certainly went into tilt after that drop.

Damed with Dhalsim was next, the Dhalsim x Rashid matchup is in my favour and I think it showed. He was good at anti-airing me but Rashid can advance safely (but on minus) with run spinning mixer. Also Damed never hesitated to throw fireballs from near max range even after I demonstrated Rashid could VSkill roll those on reaction, which gave me pressure quite often.

MDZ_Jimmy was next, at this point I began to watch the nosoundgaming stream since whoever lost would be out and whoever won would fight me. It was Ryu vs Zangief. The match was intense but I remember thinking I wanted Jimmy to win cause I’d hate to fight Zangief. (I just fear grapplers)
Ryu in general scares me, as he probably does everyone. Rashid has less than average hp and Ryu can melt the heartyiest of hp pools. It was a tough battle, there’s a lot of ryu fireballs > Ex Fireballs to catch you out that I had to look out for. His anti-airs were extremely on point however most of those were only st.jab, which is great but the damage it does didn’t deter me from jumps for the remainder of the fight. Also Jimmy began using heavens gift of jump ins on me, it stuffed my cr.MP anti-air. So i immediately opted to go for EX.Spinning Mixer as an alternative instead.
After the fight was through, I remember thinking that Jimmy had not actually used his VSkill parry against me at all, of which he did in other fights on stream often, especially on jumpins. And to be honest would have shaken me as I was not looking for it.

Then it came to Jerres, my rival from before and flcl and R.Mika i had not faced.
I realise I had to fight both of these challenging foes if I was to win. Jerres runback came first. It was probably a great idea to get in quick since he had just lost to flcl in an amazing 2-0 > 3-2 comeback so was likely shaken.
I decided to take the neutral game slower and try not to worry about his poison as much. I didn’t get caught by as many fireball dash mixups this time too.
I had noticed he was using his VReversal to great effect to Zoidberg his way out of the corner many times. So I began to anticipate this and jump back for the punish in one of the crowning moments of that fight for me.

Then onto the R.Mika, flcl. All R.Mikas are explosive. This one advance mercilessly using cr.HP shoulder, slides and jumps. That was the mixup throughout all the games. I needed to anti-air where I could (I tried to always use EX.Spinning Mixer to give me momentum rather than cr.MP which would place her very close by) Counter jump ins with Ex.Spinning Mixer, Counter shoulders and slides with cr.HP was the gameplan. I used my whirlwind fireballs to gain meter and deter her but LK.Whirlwind has such slow recovery I was punished a few times for doing so with a fj.HK and then the pain train would hit.
I also managed to use Rashids downward wall jump to good effectiveness.
I managed to reset the brackets!

From here the round bounced back and forth between us. My walljumps had become less effective this second set, he had adapted.
His overall gameplan hadn’t changed though. Usually I saw myself at a meter defecit when final round approached. A nail biter for sure. very scary match, very close games. I decided to block moreoften than jump when it game to mixup, I’d rather take a Command Grab for a chunk of damage than a full combo for large damage, corner carry and reset, which allowed him to get 2, sometimes 3 Command grabs in a row on me.
I also thought he never completely utilised his cr.MP or Ex.Wingless anti-air ability against me, for that I’m thankful.

There we go. I’m quite lucky I never met a Laura, as they can be very explosive aswell but much harder to keep away sometimes with their fireball. I’m glad I didn’t fight that zangief,if not just fir my own peace of mind.
Some huge drops I’m not happy but I’m totally glad I won and honestly didn’t expect to do so.

KingBlackToof *thumbs up*”

thanks for all the viewers and of course to jimmy for streaming and highfive for commentating! and shout outs to our friends in RVA!
our next tournament will be at this weeks thursday! join up and show us what you are made of!

SFV Patch & NSG tournaments
Posted on March 26th, 2016  by Cutsman - No Comments

Capcom announced that the patch will launch 28.3 so this means that we would not have gotten the spectate mode for our tournament, we deleted our challonge march tournament and created a new tournament for April. We did this because the tournament got delayed so many times that it was unsure if anyone even remembered the entire tournament at all, we will host three tournaments in April which of one will be hopefully a cash tournament if we can afford it ^^.

–> Tournament Sign up <--

lets have fun guys and sorry for the delay with the tournaments!

if you wish to help us gather prize pools for the tournaments you can donate money here –> Donate

GG Xrd opening tournament!
Posted on March 6th, 2016  by Cutsman - 1 Comment

The tournament did not run smoothly this time, we had lots of connection problems and some players were confused about what to do.. we will try to improve our guidance on the next tournament and come up with better solutions for the connection problems. Other than that the tournament was very enjoyable to watch and the performances were great and entertaining


1st: Jakestation – winnings 30€

2nd: Clousephinat – winnings 20€

3rd: DRM_Prag – winnings 10€


we asked the top three players what they thought about the tournament and here are their comments:


“About the tournament, it was a fun tournament though it’d have been better if people already knew the rounds that were going to be streamed
so that the players didn’t have to ask about it”



“You should do more communication about your tournament on facebook page, twitter etc. A lot of player don’t know nosoundgaming and it will be nice if we can see player’s names and scores on the stream and i think tournament with West Europe and East europe is very difficult because of the connections between people from different part of europe .. i don’t know if you could do a West Europe tournament and an East Europe tournament.”



“i was glad to see a tournament like this being organized and it was fun as it was my first online tournament in Xrd.

I only knew aerisu from the players and i was presuming to meet him at the finals. The skill level was bit low in this tournament but i am used to big tournaments in sweden’s showdown etc and playing with top eu players. It was unfortunate that there were some connection issues but i got lucky with only one laggy opponent.”


we will keep hosting more tournaments for this game and improving our performance in hosting great and smooth tournaments for you all!

thank you for the feedback and thanks for joining up everyone! see you in the next one!